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Protecting Trade Dress Through Trademark Registration

One way to compete in the marketplace these days is to introduce a product with a cool new design. What does that mean? It means the consumer is encountering an existing product that is designed or packaged differently. If you have a product like that, that’s s distinctive over prior

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Proper use of a Trademark for an Austin business

1. What are Trademarks? A trademark is any word, name, phrase, slogan, tagline, image, symbol, design, device, or combination thereof that acts as a “source identifier,” i.e., something that identifies and distinguishes the goods or services being provided and creates the association in the consumer’s mind that the goods or

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Top 5 Trademark Pitfalls for Austin Startups

Are you an Austin startup or a growing Austin company interested in building a brand? Here are five Trademark Pitfalls that you will want to avoid: Avoid intentional infringement of someone else’s trademark rights because you did not perform a proper trademark search. For more details on searches see [link

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